Father-Son Duo Complete 265 Laps Around Home for 1/2 Marathon

May 18, 2020

Del Mar, CA – Jim Pathman, and his son Riley, are well known athletes among the San Diego running scene. The popular duo participates in dozens of events every year, from half marathons and marathons, to duathlons and triathlons. They even travel to many of the nation’s most popular events, including the NYC Marathon and LA Marathon.


Jim and Riley are hard to miss at races. Because 21-year-old Riley has cerebral palsy, Jim pushes Riley in a state of the art racing chair in every race. But that hardly slows them down as the duo are regularly a top finisher.


Therefore, when the COVID-19 outbreak shut down all running events for the foreseeable future, it created a huge void in the lives of Jim and Riley.


That’s when Jim had an idea, all while raising awareness for their non-profit organization, Team Hoyt San Diego.


“Riley just loves the energy and atmosphere of races,” said Jim. “He’s really missed that these last few months. I thought, if we can’t go out to a race, why don’t I bring the race to Riley?”


Jim shared this idea with a few friends and he