San Diego Running Co.: Who We Are and Where We Are Going

November 28, 2017


Take a walk with us as we share with you our story, the story of who we are and where we are going. You may know us as a race management company in San Diego. You may know us as the crew who puts on the San Diego Santa Run or Pacific Beachfest 5K. You may know us as  High Performance Movement, or may just know us as Pete Hess and Eric Marenburg.


No matter how you know us, or even if you don’t know us, we have something big to share with you! But let’s start briefly at the beginning. The date was March 9th, 2013. We were brainstorming fitness concepts and ideas to bring to San Diego.  We became most focused on the idea of run coaching and fitness clinics. We loved it! The only thing missing was a name... After a few hours of writing fitness and running synonyms on the whiteboard, we had it. High Performance Movement -- we wanted to make a movement.


Now, fast forward to 2017. Fast forward through 92 running events and over 110,000 finishers. Our company is still going strong but we no longer offer fitness clinics and intense coaching programs. Instead we focus on delivering fun and energetic running events to San Diego. We oversee 20,000+ runners (and walkers) across all our events, supporting them as they get from the start to finish of our races.


When we look back on the day it all started, with just a dream and a whiteboard, we couldn’t even begin to imagine the impact we could make on the San Diego community, our community. We couldn’t imagine the movement we were about to create and are still creating. But something has always been missing. We have decided it’s time for a change. We have long felt our name and our brand have a disconnect to who we are and what we represent.


So what a better name for our company than to simply call it, San Diego Running Co! What a better representation of who we are and what we represent.


We want to keep creating a powerful movement and share ourselves with the running community. We want to add MORE great events to the city that we love, San Diego, whether t