5 Tips to Get You San Diego Race Ready!

February 1, 2018

(photo credit: Carlee Padot McClurg of www.carleemcdot.com)


You’ve decided to sign up for a race -- we’re super pumped for you! We know you signed up for the race months in advance, not only for our early bird pricing (wink wink) but also to allow yourself plenty of time for proper training. You train, you plan your days around your runs, you step up your nutrition and then race day shows up…. but you may have overlooked this step. We’ve seen it countless times at out our events and want you make sure you have your best experience. Here are our top 5 tips to help you crush our events on race day!


Stay hydrated

Not just on race day, but the days leading up to the event. Did you know it is recommended to drink half of your body weight in oz a day? Say you are a 150 lb female, then try to drink 75 oz a day. Your body and energy levels will thank you.


Plus you’ll be ready to grab that beer after without dehydrating yourself. Cheers to that!


Fuel your body

On race morning we have two golden rules:

1. Eat a SIMPLE breakfast

2. Make sure you give your body plenty of time to properly digest your meal for optimal energy. For most of us this means eating about 2 hours prior to your wave time.


Need breakfast ideas? Oatmeal with light fruit, bagel with almond butter or a healthy sports bar. Everyone is different, try experimenting with your pre- workout meal during your training runs. You want to give your body it’s best chance to feel good.


Lay out your outfits the night before

This includes attaching your race day bib and timing chip to your outfit (and sometimes, this may also include your sunny santa suit). The more you prepare the less you have to worry about on race morning.


We always recommend a second pair of shoes and extra socks. You can keep all of this in your drop-off bag prior to the race. And sometimes, this may also include your sunny santa suit!


Living in San Diego you might think “I won’t need a sweater, it’ll be 70 and perfect.” BUT -- after a race/run your core body temperature dr