Service Fees No More! The Impact of California SB-478

What Just Happened to Event Prices?

If you’ve signed up for a race or purchased an event ticket in California recently, you may have noticed a change in prices.

On July 1st, a new law in California went into effect, eliminating service fees so the advertised price is now the final price. For those interested in the details, this law is California SB-478 (Consumer Legal Remedies Act).

What Does This Mean?

When we send an email with the registration price or show the price of the event on our registration page, that price now includes all service fees.

This change is significant for events like concerts and sporting events. No more will Ticketmaster or Stubhub advertise a game or concert for “$100” only to double the price at checkout.

For running events such as ours, we also have processing fees, though they’re not nearly as high what you would pay at a concert 😊. These cover credit card fees and the costs of using the registration platform. Typically, running events have service fees that add about 10% to the total registration cost.

So, the next time you’re registering for one of our events and the advertised price looks about $5 or $10 more than you expected, it’s simply because it now includes all the service fees. The advertised price is the final price – making for a seamless registration process with no hidden costs.