Where to Run in San Diego

Where to Run in San Diego: Balboa Park

  • Difficulty: 6
  • Destination: 9
  • Distance: 12 miles (out and back)

At 1,200 acres, Balboa Park is hailed as the largest urban cultural park in North America, with plenty of amazing places to run. Run across the famous Cabrillo Bridge and weave through the beautiful museums. Then drop down along the Bridle Trail or Florida Canyon Trails to get in some trail miles. Just be ready for some hills to climb out of the trails! Following that, loop around the San Diego Zoo and catch a selfie with the enormous Rex the Lion statue by the front entrance. While over there, don’t miss the Moreton Bay Fig Tree, one of the largest of its kind in California. Then venture back across Cabrillo Bridge to weave through the vast grassy fields on the west side of the park. With so many cool places to run by, there’s way more to see than we can list here. And as this description suggests, Balboa Park can be as flat or as hilly as you want to make it, so choose your adventure wisely…although if you ask us, we say choose hills!

  • Restrooms: Public restrooms throughout the park
  • Parking: Throughout the park