Where to Run in San Diego

Where to Run in San Diego: Penasquitos Canyon

  • Difficulty: 7
  • Destination: 8
  • Distance: 12 miles (out and back)

Located less than two miles from the highway are the beautiful trails of Peñasquitos Canyon. The trail system has two primary trails running from west to east along the Peñasquitos Creek and includes a number of short, fun trails under branch-lined canopies along the way. The trail consists of hard dirt and some gravel. In the middle of the run, you can take a break Peñasquitos Creek Waterfall. While you should keep your expectations to a minimum with the waterfall, best time to view it is in the spring. When starting from the west entrance, you’ll be welcomed by a couple short but challenging climbs in your first 3 miles. But your remaining 3 miles are perfectly flat. And the whole time, you’ll forget you parked just 2 minutes from I-5!

  • Restrooms: Portable restroom at parking lot located on Sorrento Valley Blvd (west entrance); public restrooms located at trail entrance at Black Mountain Road (east entrance)
  • Parking: Off of Sorrento Valley Blvd (west entrance); off of Black Mountain Road (east entrance)

Photo courtesy of Trail Run Project